Blue Molds® products for your interlocking concrete blocks and retaining walls projects.

What is Blue Molds® System?

Blue Molds® series of products are designed and manufactured to produce large interlocking concrete blocks for your retaining wall projects.

The molds are available in many forms so that a wide range of concrete blocks can be produced. The large studs on the top of the concrete blocks fits perfectly and provide simple connection so the blocks can be stacked without use of mortar.


Robust & solid

Easy to use


How to use Blue Molds® System?


Blue Molds® mechanical clamp/gripper, lifting tools and accessories.

Way to move and use your finished interlocking blocks safely and easily. In order to safely and easily lift-up, move and use finished concrete interlocking blocks we offer you mechanical Clamp 800/600. It is easy to use with one man operating and  automatic clamping mechanism. Please click here to see operating video.

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