Please find instructions manual on this page.

How to use


Place mold on steel plate and flat/labeled surface. Apply the oil (release agent) to the inside of the mold in order to easily remove the block.


Pour the concrete gradually in order to proper fill the mold.


During pouring the concrete must be vibrated in order to make it homogeneous and compact.


Wait until concrete become solid. Curing time depends on type of concrete and weather conditions.


Start opening the mold by removeing wedges.


After opening the mold concrete block should be lifted and rotated. Concrete block is ready to be used.

Blue Molds® mechanical clamp/gripper, lifting tools and accessories.

Way to move and use your finished interlocking blocks safely and easily. In order to safely and easily lift-up, move and use finished concrete interlocking blocks we offer you mechanical Clamp 800/600. It is easy to use with one man operating and  automatic clamping mechanism. Please click here to see operating video.

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